Young Brass Dragon


Snapfire is a young brass dragon who roams the Dalelands seeking entertaining stories and likes to barter with friendly caravans for arcane scrolls and trinkets of value for the coin he collects.

He often helps out the Freedom Riders of Daggerdale when he can, for the dragon has no love of the Zhentarim and their ‘dark god’ as he calls Bane. His favorite pastime is hunting the Orcs of the nearby Deserts Mouth Mountains that sometimes comes down to raid the small villages and farms of Daggerdale.

He and Holly Huldane, the local Sheriff of Briarwood (a small village located several miles from the Tethyamar Trail) have a friendly competition going as to who can kill the most Orcs on their little raids. Despite an overwhelming advantage in sheer brute force and all the formidable weapons of a dragon, Holly usually beats him. This frustrates Snapfire to no end as by default he should be the superior killer, but Holly seems to have an uncanny knack when it comes to killing the savage brutes.

Snapfire is sure that because his mere presence sends the creatures fleeing in all directions (which leads to him having to chase them down), greatly slows down his rate of kills. The Orcs seem to go after Holly like flies to poop however, and she has plenty of opportunities to engage them.

In the end, the brass dragon believes that although his human ranger companion gets more kills, he has had to bail her out of more scrapes, so the balance is still in his favor.

Snapfire is quite content living on the outskirts of Briarwood in the old ruins of Huldane Castle. The villagers have grown used to him and his ‘protective’ services and make sure he is well fed and never without pampering when asked.


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