Rillian Deltoor

Kind, gray haired old cleric who presides over Chauntea's temple in Briarwood Village.


A kind and gentle old man of unknown power who guides his three young druid acolytes in the ways of the forest and the will of Earthmother.

He is the spiritual leader of Briarwood and holds the usual prayers at sundown. Rillian also holds one of three seats on the village council, a job he takes very seriously.

His splendid temple to Chauntea took a great many years to construct, and is a very cherished place by all who live in Briarwood. (It is rumored that Rillian in his youth inherited a great fortune from his family in one of the big cities to the south. But instead of squandering it like most would have done, he journeyed north into the Dalelands, heeding the call of the Earthmother, and built a temple dedicated to her teachings where others might worship and learn).

Whether this is true or not, he is much loved by all the citizens of Briarwood, and freqently heals the sick and injured Freedom Riders that request his aid. All this is done without charge, for the Earthmother has no love for Bane and his Zhentarim followers.

Rillian Deltoor

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