Holly Huldane

Lovely Sheriff of Briarwood


Holly is the Sheriff of Briarwood and the last surviving heir of the Huldane line which used to rule over the Briarwood estate back when Daggerdale was still called Merrydale.

Her mother passed away when she was only six and her father raised her to be a good hunter and trapper before he himself was killed by an Ogre eight years ago. Raised and watched over by the local head cleric of Briarwood, she blossomed into a beautiful woman of level temperment and wisdom.

Her appointment as Sheriff of Briarwood two years ago was uncontested, and her position on the council a year ago was voted unanimously by the citizens.

Holly takes great pride in both her roles, and does her very best to keep a level head in all situations. She and her brass dragon Snapfire patrol the lands around Briarwood keeping both foul beast and the Zhentarim out of their village.

She has worked to train the local militia (skills she learned from her father) but prefers to keep them safe by keeping them out of any fighting as much as possible. It is because of the efforts of the ‘Freedom Riders’ that she is able to do so, although the Zhentarim have been working hard to exterminate any opposition to their rule in Daggerdale.

Randal Morn does not yet have enough trained soldiers to confront the well equiped mercenaries, wizards, and dark clerics the Zhentarim can field. This worries her as the local dalesmen are starting to loose hope, and if Randal should fail the people, the Zhentarim will win Daggerdale completely.

The citizens of Briarwood know this too, and strive to keep up the morale of the Freedom Riders whenever they visit. Showing them what a peaceful town in Daggerdale should be like, and what it could be like again.

When the final battle comes between Randal’s forces and the Zhentarim, it will be bitter and bloody. The loss of life on both sides will be staggering.

Holly worries for that day, knowing the simple lives of her friends and the citizens of Briarwood will be shattered.

Holly Huldane

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