Averus Yaren

Handsome half-elf blacksmith


Averus was rescued a few years ago by Randal Morn and his Freedom Riders from a Zhentarim labor camp in northern Daggerdale. Those who escaped and proved themselves loyal to Randal’s cause were allowed to join the ranks of the Freedom Riders or could go on about their lives.

Averus is no fan of war and bloodshed, and opted to settle down in Briarwood. The local blacksmith was getting on in age and needed someone to take over after him when he passed as he had no family. Averus was more than happy to take up the mantle.

His tiefling blood (one had to look closely to notice any signs of that lineage) had given him a gift for sorcery, but his heart was called by the forging and shaping of metal. His good looks, charming smile, and gracious manners quickly won over the hearts of the other villagers, and he counts Rillian the head cleric of Chauntea as one of his closest friends.

Right from the start he had a big crush on Holly Huldane, who matched her good looks in spirit, but knew they were from different sides of the coin.

Holly was constantly putting herself in danger, while he would prefer to simply work at his forge and live a quiet life. The two had a brief fling that lasted all of three days and then both amiably called it quits.

They remain steadfast and loyal friends to this day, although Snapfire makes him a little nervous as the dragon was able to see the dark taint of tiefling in his blood right away.

Like Holly, Averus also believes war will quickly be coming to Daggerdale. He knows his forge will be tasked with making weapons and armor, and that he will have to make a choice on whether to fight for this quiet little village that took him in…or pull up stakes and move on.

Averus Yaren

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