Addar Radcliff

Spunky old Sage


Addar is a spunky old man who focuses his talents on making potions (some magical, some herbal). He runs a small shop in Briarwood selling odds and ends to those Freedom Riders and townsfolk in need of some magical ‘spice’ in their lives.

He is mindful of what potions he sells to the locals so as to not stir up trouble if they are used inappropriately. He is limited on what he can trade as his shop cannot compare with those of the larger cities, but one just never knows what odd magical item one of the Freedom Riders or Snapfire the dragon (the two currently have a very heated debate going on as to which is more useful, potions or scrolls) might bring in for trade.

Addar also has a seat on the council, and is known for his sharp wit and rather perverted sense of humor at times.

No one seems to know his actual age. He was around before the oldest member of the village (103 yeas old) and doesn’t seem inclinded to slow down anytime soon. In fact, he often flirts with the local Sheriff, Holly Huldane, and can be seen chasing the wenches at the local tavern when not in his shop.

Holly once scolded him in public and told him to act his age. He replied with: “I may have the wisdom of an old man, but I am still in my prime in other areas! Just imagine the things I could do with that experience given the opportunity, young lady! I’m like a raging sexual yeti!”

Once she recovered from the shock of that visual image, Holly thought it best to just leave him alone so long as he didn’t harm anyone.

Addar Radcliff

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