Starting Date: 1353 DR Year of the Arch

It is late spring and the PCs still have a long summer to look forward too.

An eventful summer filled with grand adventure, money-making, wenching and simple trouble-making.

Or so they hope…

Signing on with Khevar Copperbottom (a gnome merchant) as simple caravan guards to ensure the safety of his goods in the journey north to Shadowdale didn’t seem like something the great heroes in the stories would do. Yet any bard could tell them many adventurers and heroes started with humble beginnings and go on to win both honor and glory through their deeds.

Different choices and paths have led them to the walled city of Arabel in Cormyr, but now they are bound by signed contract and oath to see the mission completed. Brothers and sisters of the blade and spell, swearing an oath to watch each other’s backs, and to always keep one eye on their employer’s goods.

The road north to Shadowdale is by far not the most dangerous or exciting first adventure they could take, but as every merchant knows who has made the journey before “you never know what will be waiting over the next hill… and
never will.”

For Honor and Glory

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