Solon Benthus

Sembian Explorer and Guide


Human Ranger
Age: 17
Height: 6’2
Weight: 200
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Tan and rough
Eyes: Blue

Str – 16
Dex – 14
Con – 13
Int – 12
Wis – 13
Cha – 10

HP = 11
AC = 16

Weapons: Short Swords and Longbow


Stricken with wanderlust at an early age curtesy of his mildly abusive and over-bearing stepfather, Solon left home at age 16 and headed off into the woods with his dog Drake at his side. Although he would never offer the man who trained him a kind word, Solon does inadvertently pay homage to his stepfather every time he wields his swords with the balance and skill that comes from the Twin Blades Style. Along his travels he and Drake have seen some beautiful vistas on the roads less traveled, leaving mementos of their passing, but this life only exists for Solon as a way to distract him from his goal, to find the man named Randle.

Since his departure he has only contacted his family once, on April 15th, his half-sister Ilyena’s 7th name day. A clever girl for her age, she has born just a year after his mother remarried as a solidification of their matrimony. Her birth marked the last time his stepfather showed him kindness, but he did not saddle the blame upon the newborn child. She grew into a sweet girl who possessing whatever shred of humanity laid within her sire, and soon she and Solon were as thick as thieves. She relished his tales of the ancient heroes, monsters, and battles, and ever since he learned to carve Solon had always given Ilayna a handmade carving of the creatures from his stories, much to her delight. He continued this tradition after he left the house, always with the sad memory of her tear-streaked face shrinking into the distance in the back of his mind.

The last few days have been difficult for Solon. Upon reaching Shadowdale, Solon learned of his identity, was tasked to rescue a father he had never met, and had caused the deaths of two of his friends and his dear friend Drake. Dealing with the deaths of Vec’Ira Autumn Ender and Iram Kalim has been hard for him, and he has been grieving in his own way. For each of his fallen companions, including Corrick Vashan, he has made a bead in their memory that hangs upon his red leather belt as a representation of the burden he bears for the remainder of his days. Not all of his experiences have been negative as of late.

Their fortuitous happening upon a wrecked Zhentarum caravan lead to the rescue of two Free Riders, Davar Red Tiger and Arimarius, as well as a strange animal resembling a cat. The cat was gifted with the ability to speak the common tongue as well as a pair of tentacles sprouted from its back. She was pleasant enough while Kahlsala and Morikas helped Solon rescue her, and even allowed Solon to give her a name, “Umbrasol” meaning “Shadow Sun.” While Solon (and Umbra herself for that matter) is still unsure of what she is, he knows that she has proven to be a trustworthy companion and a bit of a glutton when it comes to fish.

Not soon after, fate intervened with another interesting meeting, that of the dragon Snapfire and their trip to Brairwood. Snapfire was another in a long line of interesting creatures Solon had seen since he left Sembia, but none compared to presence of Snapfire. He was a very pleasant and inquisitive creature, and most importantly, he lead them to Briarwood. Briarwood was a haven from the skirmishes with the Zhents, and it was there that Solon met Holly. The kingdoms of Torii have never seen a woman like her before. She is strong and capable, truly a rare beauty, but even her perfect face still shows signs of the worry she has for her people.

It would seem that fate was smiling upon him, but for how long?

Solon Benthus

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