Rusty *DEAD*

Middle aged bald man who always seems to be scowling.


Rusty met his untimely end at the hands of the party after picking a fight he could not win, over a girl he should have just let go her own way years ago.

Oh, well…can’t say as we will miss Rusty very much.

He was a bit of an ass.


Rusty is a long time member of the Rogues of Tilverton, and despite the constant scowl on his face, he likes his job.

He has control of several whores that operate around some of the local taverns in Tilverton, and he likes to keep his girls on a short leash. Either himself or one of his goons are always lurking nearby, keeping tabs on the women and collecting their earnings after each job so they don’t have a chance to hide anything.

Rusty cares for nothing and no one other than himself and money. He wants to control the prostitution ring in Tilverton, and is currently working toward that goal. With the Rogues of Tilverton backing him, he believes he is immune to any form of justice. The local Sheriff Jessip Geddy has already arrested him several times, but the Sheriff answers to the town’s council, some of which are suspected to be sympathetic to the Rogues, and he has managed to escape punishment each time.

However, Rusty is a coward and a bully at heart. He never enters a fair fight, and always keeps some thugs on hand to back up his blustering. And as most backstabbers do, Rusty never forgets a slight against him and will look for any opportunity to get revenge.

Rusty *DEAD*

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