Natham Tithim

"If Lady Luck spread her legs for everyone, it wouldn't be called getting lucky."



  • STR 14
  • DEX 15
  • CON 14
  • INT 10
  • WIS 10
  • CHA 14


  • Magical Knack
  • Attractive

Born into privilege, Natham Tithim enjoyed a life of pleasantries. He enjoyed dueling with his cousins, and became quite exceptional. He learned to use two swords to excite the women and embarrass his opponents. When this failed to keep him entertained(or impress his father), Natham decided to give up the idea of meeting his father’s expectations. Natham choose a life of wench picking, although in denial of his addiction, and drinking. Outraged by his son’s behavior, Natham’s father declared he would not be passing on his lands and wealth untill his son return home and answer for his betrayal.

Noble cover

When Natham returned home, he found his father absent, with only a small parchment featuring a harp and a moon in his father’s study. This mysterious symbol was familiar but always absent meaning to Natham. With a desire to regain favor with his father, Natham renewed his dedication to his honor and training. He would fight to restore honor to his name, and seek out his father. Many who know Natham doubt he has the vigor to maintain his noble intentions. However, with great dedication comes equal victory. Following in his father’s footsteps, Natham Tithim seeks adventure and the opportunity to gain stature and honor. When his eye is on his goal (and not on the Brothel […for the time being])he has proven quite capable.

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Natham is sometimes shrill and known to hold a grudge, those who would seek to steal his glory and honor (and especially his gold) should be cautious. His horse, Greymane, is one of his most prized assets, second only to his pride. Greymane was the only treasure Natham’s father left for his son. Together Natham and Greymane ride into battle, where Natham tries to inspire his allies to fight off their attackers. Natham always tries to appear in control of the battle at hand, mocking his opponents as he fights. This experience puts on quite a show, as well as inspiring a competitive atmosphere with his companions.

Natham Tithim

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