Morikas Bladebright

A true dwarven warrior, never limited by any code of martial conduct.


Str 15
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 12

AC 22
HP 20

Fort 6
Ref 1
Will 4

Dwarven Waraxe
Lucerne Hammer


      A short time before Morikas was born, the pride and greed of a human woman tore apart the Bladebright clan of dwarves. She demanded to buy jewelry made specifically for the king and would settle for none of the other “trinkets” being offered to her. After being refused she told her husband, who happened to be the ruler of the land and a very powerful mage. Hearing the twisted allegations from his wife, he was outraged and demanded the Bladebright clan give an unreasonable amount of treasure to him for penance. Knowing they were no match for the mage and his army, the Bladebright clan took their possessions and left the clan hold. However, some particularly stubborn and powerful dwarves stayed in the Dalelands and fought a losing battle against the mage. Morikas’ father, Deloril, was among these champions.

     Morikas was born thirty years after this event. Being raised in the Battledales is no easy life for a dwarf with no clan brothers. Ignoring the taunting of humans and elves is easy enough. But monsters and evil organizations were just a stones throw away from the village. Worse yet, a powerful mage was searching to eliminate the entire family.

     Morikas, being born to a Dwarven Defender of the Bladebright clan, was expected to be an excellent and honorable fighter. Trained early with axe in hand and the heaviest of armor as he could stand in, Morikas became a fine fighter in his own right. Though he was never a match for Deloril, he could best the local militia with ease. Unfortunately, Morikas never was able to beat his father in a duel.

     In the Year of the Spilled Blood, a particularly powerful pair of Zhentarim spies fought and killed Deloril. The pair used poisons and cheap tricks to constantly wear down the dwarf’s epic defense. Not once did the dwarf even think of running for his own life or resorting to their level of combat. In the end his honor and stubborn ways were his undoing.

     This changed Morikas, for he knew that his father was capable of using such cheap tricks during training exercises. After contemplating, he reached the conclusion his father must have been too honorable to have fought a real fight. Morikas then began a life devoted to battle, he began to worship the god Haela Brightaxe. A god of war, a god of luck, and most importantly to Morikas, a god of chaos. The god would not mind dirty tactics, so long as he was the victor and was doing right by the dwarven clans.

     While Morikas despises his fathers way of combat he still respects him and uses the skills that were taught in battle. In addition to these skills, his father left behind an elaborate suit of armor. The armor, made from a hardy marble stone, has the left half of the breast etched. The etchings tell the stories of Deloril, and his many victories. The right half is plain and unadorned. Morikas holds that this half of the armor was reserved for him to tell his own stories. Vengeance is on the long list of stories he hopes to tell.

     Currently, the dwarf is in Shadowdale seeking an adventuring party worthy of traveling alongside. A wise wizard once said, “looking for adventure is never wise”, but then again that man was not a dwarf bent on fighting.

Morikas Bladebright

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