A once pretty woman with sandy brown hair and brown eyes that reveal her inner depression.


For the first time many years Maribell has a chance to make something of her life. Being free of Rusty and the Rogues of Tilverton has invigorated her spirit and given her new hope in such a harsh world.

She owes the party a great deal, the honorable cleric especially. She had hoped to settle down with such a handsome and good man, but the gods had other plans.

She now seeks some means of honest employment in Shadowdale in an effort to start over. With Tymora’s luck, it just might happen.

Now if she could only get the tiefling to stop glaring at her.


A hooker for the Roges of Tilverton (and her pimp Rusty) Maribell has seen better days. The 23 year old looks older and the toll of her life is starting to show.

She would like nothing better than to escape from Tilverton and the thieves guild, however what little money she earns the Rogues and Rusty take, leaving her with hardly a dime to her name.

The last kindly person she attempted to escape with wound up in the sewers with a knife in his ribs and she was beaten severely by Rusty to the point where she almost died.

Still, Maribell is stubborn, and she is still hoping for another way to escape.

She prays to Tymora to grant her some much needed luck in order to escape her current situation. So far the Lady of Luck has not answered her prayers, but she keeps an eye out for any opportunity.


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