Middle-aged man with dark hair and close cropped beard. He wears glasses and constantly has ink stains on his hands.


Devoted scribe to Elimister the Sage, Lhaeo is a pleasant fellow to be around. Intelligent, kind and gentle, he is quick with a smile and a loyal friend once his trust is earned.

Being the personal scribe to reputably one of the most powerful spellcasters in the known world would seem to have a great many perks. However both Lhaeo and Elminster lead simple enough lives when left alone.

Lhaeo could have made a great name for himself as an adventurer (provided he didn’t get killed along the way) but was mostly drawn to being a simple scholar than a person of power and wealth. He is content to live a humble life and mind his studies.

Sometimes, when Elmister is away, he is dragged into events that he would prefer to observe from afar as opposed to being in the maelstrom.

Such as when he had to hire adventurers to seek out and rescue Randal Morn.


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