Krulgen *DEAD*

A large half-orc that laughs at the weak and shows contempt for anyone except himself.


Krulgen should have stayed in Zhentil Keep and away from good honest folk who know how to fight back. His one saving grace is that he managed to kill a cleric of Lathander before being cut down by the party.

Had he been smarter he would have ran when things began to look grim for his bandit group.

This is one mistake Krulgen won’t get to repeat as he is currently feeding the worms.

His picture says it all: “I’m dead. And that makes me sad.”


Krulgen is clever, but with an orc temper that accepts no challenge to his authority. He is a bully who laughs at the weak and shows contempt for anyone who does not have his respect.

By chance Krulgen stumbled upon a group of bandits in the lower regions of Shadowdale who were preying upon merchant caravans. Their group had a clever scheme going in which they were robbing the poor saps without hardly firing a shot.

Krulgen thought the idea clever, but weak and without sport. With their leader away looking for the next target, the half-orc moved quickly and took over the group. Killing anyone that stood up to him and cowing the rest with fear and intimidation.

He is looking to earn some quick wealth, and move on to better things. Possibly heading into Sembia or someplace rugged and far away from Zhentil Keep as possible.

He cares nothing for who those he has to rob or kill to get there.

Krulgen *DEAD*

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