Strength: 11
Dexerity: 16
Consitution: 13
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 13

AC: 16
HP: 8


Only a few things are known of Kahlsala’s past to those who meet her. Kahlsala appeared in Arabel with just the gear she could grab and not much more. One of her possessions gives a glimpse to her past as her weapon is a double bladed dagger formed from the horns of her “father”. Also, Kahlsala wears a signet ring symbolizing her devotion to the god Tymora, whom she became a devote follower as a result of the tragic events of her past and the luck to which she is still alive.

In character Kahlsala is haughty and sharp witted (and sometimes sharp tongued), but is willing to do what is best for the group and does not always think of herself first. There are few if any that Kahlsala fully trust and who know all her secrets and she is particular hard of trusting people of certain racial backgrounds.

In joining the caravan Kahlsala hopes to create a new identity for herself and start a new life in the land in which she finds herself.


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