Jessip Geddy

An older man in his middle sixties that is cool and calm under pressure.


Jessip Genny has been the sheriff of Tilverton for almost twenty years. During that time he has managed to keep what peace he can and most of the townsfolk seem to respect him.

An older man, Jessip doesn’t usually get exciting about anything and approaches problems with a steadfast determination.

He has seen a lot of things over the years, and this shows in his weathered features.

Wiley and clever, he will always try to twist a situation so he comes out on top in some fashion, but is prudent about following the law when he can.

Jessip doesn’t like adventurers very much. Most who come to Tilverton cause more trouble than they are worth, and most never stay around long enough to see the mess they leave behind. Quickly leaving on some new foolish quest for money or fame, or after they do something that gets the law after them.

Jessip Geddy

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