Corrick Vashan *DEAD*


Str 13
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 16

Fort 5
Ref 1
Will 7

Protection/Nobility Domains

        Corrick Vashan would be an average run of the mill human, standing at 5’ 7" and of a slightly muscular build, if not for the presence of angelic blood in his heritage. His skin is immaculate in color and lack of scarring. In addition, it appears that no matter how dirty his clothes may become, his skin is never tainted with smudges or residue. He has pale grey eyes that seem to peer into souls and grant him access to their secrets.

        Being born in Mulhorand, and living there most of his life, it is standard that he has a shaven head. On top of his head three individual circles have been tattooed, signifying that he is in fact a clergy member of Mulhorand. At a quick glance it is apparent that Corrick is a believer of Lathander. If the Morninglord’s symbol around his neck wasn’t enough, then the large rising sun painted upon his shield should be. Adorning his finger is a signet ring with the head of a falcon.

        Corrick has recently left Mulhorand behind and seeks to improve upon his skills through the protection of any good folk that need it. He is an ever-jubilant man that rarely takes on a serious face, although this has gotten him in some trouble from time to time. While not much of a fighter, he will gladly defend his friends and allies to the death.

Corrick Vashan *DEAD*

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