Bardel Swiftwillow aka Ghellis "The Clever"

A cheerful fellow of rugged good looks and charm who is always quick with a smile and likes the ladies.


The clever Ghellis almost meet his match when he unexpectedly encountered his bandit group being led by someone else. A very ruthless half-orc, who wanted nothing better than to put Ghellis’ head on a pike.

Luckily for Ghellis he picked a tough caravan to travel with and they made good work of the bandits and most importantly the deadly half-orc.

And fortune would favor him as he would quickly find a chance to slip away without being detected.

The party hopes they encounter him again, to make him pay for his treacherous actions.

They should be careful what they wish for.


Bardel seemingly signed on to Khevar Copperbottom’s merry band as the second in command of the caravan guards to earn some extra coin and provide safe travel for himself into Shadowdale.

He is always looking for a good story and seems to be full of life (and himself).

He is always flirtatious with the ladies, and hardly ever turns down the opportunity for a good time. His shady dealings on the side have made him careful, however, and he never attaches to anything that might slow him down or get in the way of his goals.

He doesn’t particularly like violence, but isn’t afraid to defend himself if needed. He would rather earn a living (reputable or not) without leaving a trail of bodies behind him.

He has aquired many useful skills over the course of his life, and is an avid follower of the Goddess of Luck, Tymora.

He does not like it when someone talks ill of ‘his Lady’ and unfortunate things have been known to happen to people who do. Most attribute this to Tymora herself, never knowing it was a faithful follower of her’s all along.

His favorite trick is a few sprinkles of itching powder in an offender’s bedroll, bed, or armor. It doesn’t harm them, but can make them rather uncomfortable for a time and can be easily mistaken for flea bites if scratched enough.

Bardel Swiftwillow aka Ghellis "The Clever"

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