• Addar Radcliff

    Addar Radcliff

    Spunky old Sage
  • Averus Yaren

    Averus Yaren

    Handsome half-elf blacksmith
  • Bardel Swiftwillow aka Ghellis "The Clever"

    Bardel Swiftwillow aka Ghellis "The Clever"

    A cheerful fellow of rugged good looks and charm who is always quick with a smile and likes the ladies.
  • Davarr Red Tiger

    Davarr Red Tiger

    A Wild Heart Filled With Vengeance
  • Holly Huldane

    Holly Huldane

    Lovely Sheriff of Briarwood
  • Iram Kalim *DEAD*

    Iram Kalim *DEAD*

    A powerful man of the desert with a stoney demeanor
  • Jessip Geddy

    Jessip Geddy

    An older man in his middle sixties that is cool and calm under pressure.
  • Khevar Copperbottom

    Khevar Copperbottom

    A shrewd gnome merchant who hired the PCs as guards to travel with him and his wares to Shadowdale.
  • Krulgen *DEAD*

    Krulgen *DEAD*

    A large half-orc that laughs at the weak and shows contempt for anyone except himself.
  • Lhaeo


    Middle-aged man with dark hair and close cropped beard. He wears glasses and constantly has ink stains on his hands.
  • Maribell


    A once pretty woman with sandy brown hair and brown eyes that reveal her inner depression.
  • Mestine Durmark

    Mestine Durmark

    A pretty woman with long black hair and brown eyes. She has a strong jaw that betrays an inner stubborness.
  • Rillian Deltoor

    Rillian Deltoor

    Kind, gray haired old cleric who presides over Chauntea's temple in Briarwood Village.
  • Rusty *DEAD*

    Rusty *DEAD*

    Middle aged bald man who always seems to be scowling.
  • Snapfire


    Young Brass Dragon
  • Solon Benthus

    Solon Benthus

    Sembian Explorer and Guide
  • Togg


    Kobold with green scales and orange eyes who wields a two-handed sword and wears red scale armor.
  • Umbrasol


    Unusual black cat with 2 tentacles, and can speak Common.